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We believe in creating a black and white situation through design, eliminating as much of the grey area as possible. This way, the Client knows what they are getting, and we know what we are building. Concrete Artisans also offers to the Client a unique opportunity to work with one Design/Build team. This insures that the intention of the design is not blurred in the translation from paper to reality. This has always proved to be an extremely beneficial situation.




We create custom outdoor living spaces, in what has become a very hot trend in outdoor design. What better way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Idaho than in the comfort of your own home?
Bigger patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, shade producing pergolas, water elements, walkways, gathering and sitting areas. If designed correctly, an outdoor living space can extend your indoor living space to the outside, and extend the time of year you spend outside.




We transform existing concrete into a beautiful work of art with epoxy floors, along with re-coloring and re-sealing techniques. This cost effective option will bring your concrete investment back to life. With the increased technology of concrete epoxies, stains and sealants, the process of coloring concrete can be much like playing with water colors on paper, literally turning your concrete into a stunning, functional, showcase.




One of the most common requests I have from Clients is they need a larger patio. So what should they do, add on with brick pavers or flagstone? Either option often looks like an afterthought.This is where the flexibility of concrete comes into play. We routinely add onto an existing patio with a new concrete pour, then color and seal both the existing and new concrete. This creates a larger space, and looks like it was originally intended that way.


David Schwartz, Concrete Artisans
Cell: (208) 649-4999

Simply put, I listen to my clients. I enjoy hearing about their dreams, while keeping in mind their concerns.  Having years of this listening experience, and translating these thoughts into realities, has given me a unique insight into the design opportunities of any project.  My extensive design background, with a degree in Landscape Architecture from Washington State University, and designing and installing landscapes for over twenty-four years in Idaho, Hawaii, and Washington, has given me a “toolbox” full of unique design solutions. I have learned the valuable lesson of receiving and sharing creative thoughts throughout my career. I thoroughly enjoy the brainstorming process, and believe everyone has something valuable to bring to the table.

Bottom Line: Concrete Artisans designs and builds permanent works of art, both aesthetically and functionally, THAT WORK FOR YOU.