We are Concrete Artisans. Concrete is the most affordable and efficient medium available for any new hardscape, period. There are a multitude of finishes and colors available to fit any design or style desired. Here are four projects showcasing the flexibility of color, texture, and form of concrete.

Concrete also gives us the flexibility to add onto an existing patio with a new concrete pour, then color and seal both the existing and new concrete. This creates a much larger space, which looks like it was originally intended that way. Here are two examples of adding onto an existing patio, and coloring to blend the new and existing concrete together, giving the illusion that it was always planned that way.

Patio Before Extension.

Patio After Extension, Colored and Sealed.

Pool Side Deck Existing.

Pool Side Deck After Extension, Wall & Pergola.

Pool Side Deck After Extension, Colored & Sealed.