Why spend money on replacing old concrete? Concrete Artisans transforms existing concrete into a beautiful work of art with re-coloring, re-sealing, and epoxy solutions. This is a cost effective option which will bring your concrete investment back to life. With the increased technology of concrete resurfacing materials, the process of renovating concrete can be much like playing with water colors on paper.

Color & Seal

Whether your concrete is already colored or pre-sealed, with solvent based or water based sealants, we have the experience and techniques to bring your concrete back to life.

Epoxy Floors

An exciting trend in concrete today is utilizing metallic epoxies to create stunning, low maintenance floors that are one of a kind. Garage floors to interior floors, we have the experience to make your floor literally a work of art. Our epoxy is industrial strength, to not only look great, but provide a durable finish.

Crack/Chisel Technique

I get asked over and over again, “what can we do with the cracks in our concrete?” Yes, we can grind out the cracks, inject epoxy, then re-color and re-seal. But another solution we have created, is our”Crack/Chisel Technique”. Basically we take the existing cracks, and then create more cracks to simulate the look of large stones. We then waterproof the cracks, re-color and seal. We are taking the negative of the cracks, and turning them into a positive. We won a national award on the Concrete Network for creating this technique back in 2008, and have transformed many slabs of concrete that were initially thought needing to be replaced.

Re-seal Concrete

Many times all your concrete needs is to be re-sealed. We have the highest quality sealant available, either solvent or water based, to make your concrete look brand new!